Which was founded in 2018. We use original tattoo stickers and alternative style household items as creative carriers. We also design original jewelry, and sell some domestic niche jewelry brands. In the creative process, we integrate our understanding of current culture and redefine it, using various cultures as the creative soil. Incorporate our understanding of culture into the work for a new interpretation.


We follow "Fierce & Gloom, Weird & Untamed." Always believe in our senses and choices. The opinions of others may be just a cage of goodwill.



MISTY WOODS™️ 创立于2018年,以原创纹身贴与另类风格家居用品作为创作核心的载体,兼顾饰品设计,同时代理部分国内小众首饰品牌。我们在创作过程中融入对当下文化的理解并对其重新定义,力图以各类文化作为创作土壤,将其融入作品中进行全新的诠释。


我们遵循“Fierce & Gloom, Weird & Untamed.”始终相信自己感官与选择。他人的看法或许只是善意的牢笼



Symbolic Art Studio was founded in 2016, dedicated to providing visual design services for individuals and musicians, bands, art performances and commercial organizations.


We tended to serve metal music in our early days. Now the scope of services has been expanded, and the services provided can meet various visual needs of the cultural industry.



Symbolic Art Studio 创立于2016年,致力于为个人与音乐人,乐队和艺术演出和商业组织供视觉设计服务。