which was founded in the summer of 2018, mainly designs original tattoo stickers and takes into account niche style accessories and household items. MISTY WOODS tattoo stickers are all independently designed and created. In the process of creation, MISTY WOODS tattoo stickers incorporate the understanding and redefinition of the current subcultural trend, with the intention of becoming a new force in the Chinese original tattoo paste industry. MISTY WOODS's works mainly focus on various styles and cultures, which will be integrated into tattoo paste works for a new interpretation.


MISTY WOODS 创立于2018年夏季,以原创纹身贴设计为主,兼顾小众风格家居用品与饰品。MISTY WOODS纹身贴均为自主设计及创作,并在创作过程中融入对当下亚文化潮流的理解与重新定义,意图成为中国原创纹身贴行业中的一股崭新力量。MISTY WOODS作品以各类风格及文化作为创作土壤,将其融入纹身贴作品中进行全新的诠释。



was founded in 2016, focuses on providing visual design services to indie musicians and bands. At the beginning of its establishment, the service center of gravity was inclined to metal music, with minority music as the service object. Later, the business demand was expanded and the service scope was expanded. I specialized in visual design of music peripheral and cultural products of different styles in music industry, such as album cover design and musician logo production, music peripheral and peripheral packaging design, music festival and performance publicity poster design and so on.


Symbolic Art Studio 创立于2016年,致力于为独立音乐人与乐队提供视觉设计服务。创立之初服务重心偏向于金属音乐,以小众音乐人为服务对象。之后业务需求扩展,服务范围扩大,专攻音乐行业各风格音乐周边与文化产品的视觉设计业务,例如专辑封面设计及音乐人logo制作,音乐周边与周边外包装设计,音乐节及演出宣传海报设计等等。